My name is Jennifer and I would love to share with you my story of how Bee Vintage came to bee and what we offer.

My Love of Photography:

Our lives are like storybooks and my favorite part of storybooks have always been the pictures. I truly feel a picture is worth a thousand words as it’s hard to often explain your feelings, your passions, your personality but pictures capture the essence of who you are without speaking a single word. My most treasured tangible belonging (besides my wedding ring) is my family photos. I love spending rainy days looking over photos of my grandparents in their early years. Although it would be many, many decades until I entered their world I feel from looking at past photos of them that I knew my grandparents growing upJennifer, Martini & Bailey, like I was there with them as a friend experiencing their life alongside them. I want that same experience for my children, my grandchildren & my great-grandchildren. When I’m long gone I want them to feel like they knew me and my personality through the different stages of my life. I want them to know that family and memories were always so important to me along with my love for beautiful antique pieces and finding ways to incorporate them into our modern lives. I am writing my storybook with stunning photos and I would love to help you bee-gin your storybook too!

My Love of Antiques:

When I was a child my mom would tell me that ‘little girls were made of sugar and spice, and everything nice’ and I would shake my head and say, ‘lace and pearls is what makes little girls!’. That’s when I realized I loved ‘pretty’ in every sense of the word. I love pretty jewelry & clothing, pretty furniture and most of all pretty antiques. To me, pretty antiques represent a feeling of old-school charm and romance and what girl doesn’t want that!!! My love for antiques amplified when I met my amazing husband, Brett…no, he’s not an antique we are the same age! Brett is an old soul that exudes rustic charm and he has a huge interest in history and a huge love for anything old, especially people and vehicles. For our honeymoon, we purchased our biggest antique to date, a 1928 Ford Model A and gave it to my grandfather as a gift (click here to read article)  after we drove it from Portland, Maine to Sydney, NS. Our journey felt like a step back in time with no radio just conversation, no air conditioning just the breeze of the air and no stress if we broke down as the entire car could be fixed with just a simple toolkit. More importantly, the car’s cruising speed is only 40 – 45 MPH so it forced us to slow down, sit back and enjoy the scenery and each other. In such a fast paced world we live in, I find antiques to be like a form of mental yoga for me. I love to look at an antique and then close my eyes and dream of its past, its unknown story and how I can tie it into a beautiful photograph for our stories today.

Building A Beehive:

After taking photography classes at SAIT and being given weekly photo assignments, I wished I had some really neat vintage props to use in my photos to showcase my style. I started purchasing an antique piece here and there and before I knew it my home started looking like the Canadian Picker’s Barn. I need organization in my life and my home was getting too cluttered so I decided to get bee-usy and turn my personal treasures into a business to share with others and hence ‘Bee Vintage’ was created.

Bee Vintage Services:

Bee Vintage wants to sting you with style, so we offer gorgeous rental vintage pieces for photo shoots, special events, theatre productions, decorating store front window displays and much more!!!